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taisen's pot roast in a crockpot
taisen's pot roast in a crockpot

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taisen's pot roast in a crockpot Recipe

You can cook taisen's pot roast in a crockpot using 15 ingredients and 17 steps. Here is how you cook it. Preptime: 38 Minutes Cooktime: 30 Minutes Serve: 4 Persons Nutrition: 162 calories.

The ingredients needed to cook taisen's pot roast in a crockpot :

  1. Get 1 chuck roast. you can use any cut of meat that you like. rump round chuck or bottom. go by how many your feeding for how many pounds you need and what fits into your crockpot
  2. Prepare 1 box Lipton beefy onion dry soup mix
  3. Provide 1 box Lipton mushroom onion dry soup mix
  4. Use 1 box beef broth
  5. Take 1 garlic to taste
  6. Prepare 1 butter to taste
  7. You need 1 water
  8. Prepare 1 pepper to taste
  9. Get 1 seasoning salt but be careful with how much you use
  10. Get 1 bag of fresh carrots sliced and peeled or canned carrots
  11. Prepare 5 or more peeled baking potatoes ( or any kind you like ) peeled and sliced. you can also use canned
  12. Prepare 1 medium or large onion
  13. Use 1 for gravy : flour or cornstarch , beef broth, liquid from the roast, milk , salt only if needed and pepper and if you like mushrooms
  14. Take 1 packages of fresh Portobello mushroom ( cleaned and sliced ) or 1 can or jar of mushrooms
  15. Use 1 meat tenderizer ( this is salty as well )

Instructions to make taisen's pot roast in a crockpot :

  1. put the roast into the crockpot
  2. sprinkle meat tenderizer , seasoning salt , pepper and a touch of garlic on the meat. i also poke holes in the meat with a fork before doing this. you can also use it as a rub if you like. peel and chop up onion or omit the extra onion. I am an onion lover!
  3. get a bowl or measuring cup. add two packs of each Lipton soup. add water and mix VERY well. you can add a third or fourth pack if you want more. I add enough liquid to totally cover the roast
  4. slowly add the liquid into the crockpot. add more water into the bowl or measuring cup mixing any powder or residue left and add to the roast
  5. add in about half of the beef broth. reserve rest for gravy.
  6. mix the liquid around the roast lightly making sure there is no un dissolved powder. cover put the crockpot on high and let it simmer and cook for at least 4 hours
  7. you can add butter at ANY time or omit it
  8. depending on how big the piece of meat is will determine how long you cook this and when you add in veggies
  9. I add my peeled and sliced potatoes about 2 to 3 hours before this is finished cooking. this also depends on how thick you slice them. the thinner/smaller they are the faster they cook. potatoes will get mushy if you add them to soon. I cook my roast on high from about 12 pm until 3 or 4 pm on high then switch it to low
  10. add in carrots and mushrooms about an hour before it is ready unless you like them less firm. if using mushrooms in the gravy reserve them
  11. using a spoon you should be able to tell if the meat falls apart or not.
  12. this is more soupy but lets thicken! !
  13. take a saucepan put it on the stove. add in reserved beef broth. add some juices from the crockpot ! this can be done half and half or just the juices. your choice.
  14. if using mushrooms in the gravy add them to this to cook them down a bit. you want them to shrink to a smaller size. you can fry them in a bit of butter first or boil them in the juices first to your liking.
  15. take a bowl mix up milk and flour or cornstarch. mix very well.
  16. add the milk/flour/cornstarch into the liquid slowly while stirring. make it as thick as you like
  17. take out the roast when fully cooked and falling apart by spoon! shred or cut into pieces onto a plate. add veggies on the side or on top. put some gravy over top of it all. serve with rolls butter bread or anything else like rice or noodles. enjoy

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